"The Man Who Killed Batman"

Harvey2 Episode Title
"The Man Who Killed Batman"
Bruce Timm, Alan Burnett, Eric Radomski, Jean MacCurdy, Tom Ruegger
Quote1 So the famous "Sid the Squid" is nothing but a pathetic victim of circumstances... Just how stupid do you think I am? Do you think I didn't hear the rumors of the third-rate stumble-bum who rubbed out the Batman? And now you say you "accidentally" made a fool of the Joker? No one is that lucky or stupid! Quote2
--Rupert Thorne


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  • This episode is the 51st to be produced and the 49th to be aired.


  • This is one of the episodes in which Batman is absent during most of the time.

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Character Actor
Batman/Bruce WayneKevin Conroy
Harvey BullockRobert Costanzo
Officer Renée MontoyaIngrid Oliu
Sid "the Squid" DebrisMatt Frewer
Harley QuinnArleen Sorkin
Rupert ThorneJohn Vernon
Eddie GRobert Picardo
MurphyMaurice LaMarche

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