Quote1 Careful vigilante, you know what they say, "Curiosity killed the Bat." Quote2
--The Riddler

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  • This is the 48th episode to be produced and the 45th to be aired.


  • The chessboard stage of the virtual reality world was adapted into the second stage of the Riddler level in the Super Nintendo game The Adventures of Batman & Robin.
  • Only a few months after this episode aired, the "Knightfall" play on words was used as the name for the mainstream comics storyline that featured Bane breaking Batman's back and a temporary substitute taking up the mantle.
  • The idea of the Riddler leaving behind a numeric pattern hidden in the questions of past riddles was later used in the feature film Batman Forever.

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Character Actor
Batman/Bruce WayneKevin Conroy
Robin/Dick GraysonLoren Lester
Commissioner James GordonBob Hastings
The RiddlerJohn Glover
JoggerHal Rayle
ClerkBever-Leigh Banfield

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