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Quote1.png We each have our own demons. Quote2.png
-- Jason Blood

Appearing in "Demons"Edit

Featured Characters:



  • Gotham City
    • 112 River Street
  • South America (Appears in flashback and main story)



Synopsis for "Demons"Edit

Ra's al-Ghul bombs an office building in search of a magical stone buried in its foundations, immediately attracting attention from Batman. Despite Batman's best efforts, Ra's escapes with the stone, forcing Batman to ally himself with police consultant and occult expert Jason Blood in hopes of retrieving it.

Blood shares what he knows of the case: the stone, properly known as the Summoning Tablet, can summon any demon from Hell. Two centuries ago, he and Ra's had battled over it in South America - a fight which Blood narrowly won, thanks to his soul-bound demon Etrigan. As the tablet could not be destroyed by mortal means, Blood had buried it deep beneath the earth, under the foundations of what would later become Gotham City.

Knowing that Ra's seeks to "cleanse" the Earth of its human population, Blood deduces that Ra's plans to summon Haahk, an archfiend embodying all disease. Before he and Batman can act on this deduction, however, they are ambushed by Talia al-Ghul, who shoots them both with tranquilizers. Fortunately, bells from a nearby church awaken Batman ahead of schedule, allowing him to wake Blood as well.

The two men race to the church, only to find Haahk already summoned. Blood transforms into Etrigan and fights Haahk hand-to-hand, while Batman - with some difficulty - knocks Ra's unconscious and steals the Summoning Tablet. As a heartbroken Talia drags her father to safety, Batman holds the tablet on Haahk, allowing Etrigan to speak an incantation that sends Haahk back to Hell.

Annoyed with all the trouble the tablet has caused, Etrigan takes advantage of his demon lineage and destroys the tablet, before transforming back into Blood. Once Blood has recovered, he and Batman bid each other goodbye, each wondering over the nature of demons.


  • This issue is dedicated to Jack Kirby, creator of Etrigan.
  • This issue marks the first meeting of Batman and Jason Blood/Etrigan in the DCAU. The two would again cross paths in "The Demon Within".


  • Ra's al Ghul's spells to awaken Haahk are the following phrases backwards:
  • Kirby was the greatest
  • My sweet satin
  • Sometimes my arms turn back
  • I buried Paul

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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