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Batman tries to protect Calendar Man from Hush but Hush manages to get the upper hand and claims Terry to be a phony. Hush then reveals that he knows that Bruce used to be Batman and continues to attack Batman. Hush then manages to injure him long for him to throw Calendar Man out the window and dies from the fall. Batman goes to check on Calendar Man which gives Hush the chance to leave. Bruce yells at him for not being focused enough which causes Batman to get mad and shut him off. The death of Calendar Man quickly hits the news. Amanda Waller and Nora Reid watched the news. Nora wants to turn herself in but Amanda tells her that if she does, she'll pinpoint the blame onto her.Terry wakes up the next morning to answer to his mom and brother about why he's late all the time. Terry covers by says Bruce has him working late and goes to meet Dana Tan, his girlfriend. Terry and Dana go to a dance club for a night and Dana's mad at Terry for working at his job late and not having any time for her. Terry tries to cover but Dana's too angry to listen. Later, Terry goes to the batcave and finds out what Bruce has been really working on, Batman robots called Bat-Wraiths to take over Terry's job. Terry is furious at Bruce but Bruce tells him that the Bat-Wraiths are his backup. Terry claims to not need back-up and vows to bring Hush in. Terry then goes to see Tim Drake who used to be Robin and worked for Bruce to see if Tim has become Joker again and see if he's involved with Hush. Tim then tells him he's free of the Joker and tells Terry to visit Dick Grayson. Terry later goes out that night as Batman to go see Dick but is attacked by Catwoman. Batman ties her up but she manages to break out and escape. Batman then arrives and meets Dick. Meanwhile, Catwoman meets up with Hush to reveal that he paid her to put a tracker on Batman. Catwoman finds out the box of money that Hush gave her is full of playing cards only to find out it's a trap as Hush gets her into a choke hold and is about to kill her.


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