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Nora Reid is running through an alley and manages to contact Barbara Gordon only to be cornered by Blaine Emmick, the head of Cadmus Special External Security. Nora runs off. Meanwhile, Dick Grayson a.k.a. Hush stands over Batman and discovers he is still alive but leaves him alive and runs off. Catwoman then discovers Batman unconscious and Bruce contacts her and tells her on how to heal Terry. Bruce then reveals he knows that Catwoman's secret identity is Danton Black's daughter. Bruce continues to tell her how to heal Batman only for his Bat-Wraiths to attack him. Meanwhile, Blaine has captured Nora only to saved by the one-eyed Dick Grayson. Bruce continues to get attacked by his Wraiths only for them to then fly off, revealing that they are under the control of Hush. Catwoman manages to bring Batman back to consciousness. Bruce then needs Terry to come to the cave. Batman leaves but not before giving Catwoman a little peck on the cheek. At Cadmus Labs, Blaine is taken to the emergency wing and one of Amanda's friends suggest they send Killer Croc after Hush but Amanda refuses, saying Killer Croc would just make things worse. Dick then brings Nora to Barbara and Nora reveals her grandfather was Thomas Elliot, the original Hush. She then reveals that Waller had plans to clone Dick Grayson so he could become the new Batman as Waller believes that Gotham needs a Batman and the clone was a success but the clone went mad and escaped, going to claim his rightful place as Batman. The clone has Dick's memories and personality but a twisted version of it and has desires to save Gotham. Barbara thanks Nora for the info and has her placed into protective custody. Back at the cave, Terry arrives and collapses on a table. Bruce then gets to work on saving him. While healing Terry, he reveals that Terry was doing the mission better than he'd hoped and felt threatened and began looking for faults in Terry and that Terry is a good soldier and considers him a very good friend and that he's a stubborn old fool. Terry then reveals he was awake the whole time and heard everything. Bruce then says that everything he said was true. Then Hush appears on the screen and gives Terry and Bruce a message to tell them that he plans on using the Bat-Wraiths to create an earthquake powerful enough to destroy Gotham. Bruce quickly locates him, he's underneath the city and that he has more explosive ordnance than a small country.


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