Quote1 Gotham must always have a Batman. Quote2
-- Amanda Waller

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Synopsis for "Hush Beyond, Part VI: Deep Down"Edit

Terry decided to go after Hush but Bruce refuses to let him go as he is too weak. Bruce then says that maybe he could don the cape one last time to defeat Hush but Dick Grayson arrives and tells them that he plans on stopping his clone and needs Bruce's help. Terry doesn't want Dick fighting Hush but Dick says he's going now matter what so Terry decides to go with him. The 2 set off to Hush's location, underneath the Epicenter in the batmobile. Then Catwoman flags them over and jumps in, wanting to help. The 3 quickly arrive and head underneath the Epicenter. Meanwhile, at Cadmus, Detective Nathan Bullock arrives to speak to Amanda Waller. Amanda hands over Nora's files to him and Nathan tells her he's ordering a citywide evacuation and tells her that he knows she created it. Amanda denies it and orders him out of her office. Back at Hush's lair, he continues waiting for Batman until Dick arrives and tells him that he's just a clone and manages to get the detonator away from him. Hush gets angry and orders his Bat-Wraiths to attack. Dick continues taunting Hush until a Bat-Wraith knocks him down. Then, Batman and Catwoman jump out of the shadows to help Dick. Catwoman helps Dick defeat the Wraiths while Batman goes after Hush. Bruce tells Batman and Dick that he might not be able to override the Wraiths but he'll try. Catwoman then makes her clones to help even the odds. Hush then pins Batman to the floor but Bruce manages to deactivate the Bat-Wraiths except for one who has the detonator. Batman manages to get Hush off him and tosses him a pit along with the Bat-Wraith. The detonator goes off, killing Hush. Catwoman then goes, saying the next time they meet, they are enemies. Bruce then wants Terry and Bruce to come to the cave. Bruce says he wants to talk to Dick and say he is still his heir but Dick leaves after hearing that. Batman then goes to the cave and quickly changes back into Terry. Bruce then offers Terry the chance to give up being Batman as he has a family and friends but Terry refuses, saying that he'll find a way to balance his duties as Batman and his social life and makes a joke about reconsidering the Justice League offer. In the Epilogue, Amanda manages to find a replacement for Nora Reid and needs him to focus on the mission, claiming that this situation proves her theory that Gotham will always need a Batman and reveals that she has a dozen more clones of Batman.


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