Quote1 In the wake of the Beacon not falling, I've rethought my attack. We're going to cut Batman off. Quote2
-- Hush

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Hush has cornered Stephanie Brown in an alley, eager to get rid of her once and for all. Bravely, she faces his gun with mace, and sprays it into his eyes, followed by a left hook. Unfortunately, he recovers enough to club her with the butt of his pistol, and prepares to execute her. At the last, though, Batman comes to her rescue. While Batman and Hush are tangled in combat, Stephanie hops onto her bike and charges at Hush, running him down. In retaliation, he tosses a live grenade at her, prompting Batman to knock her out of blast-range. When the dust settles, he attempts to chastise her, but both she and Hush are gone.

Moving on, Batman heads to the ruins of Arkham Asylum to rescue Batwing, who has been trapped there for hours. He then picks up Alfred Pennyworth and returns to the Batcave to reunite him with his daughter Julia.

Suffering with his injured leg from his encounter with Batgirl, Jason Bard heads up to the roof of GCPD Headquarters to meet with Hush, who gives him orders as to where he should post more officers than usual in town. He explains that given his plan for the Beacon tower failed, he has had to rethink his plan - and that means cutting Batman off.

Julia calls Dr. Leslie Thompkins to have a look at Alfred, who is currently resting, while Batman diagnoses Batwing's armour for issues. While running those diagnostics, Batman is troubled to learn that someone has accessed the McGregor database without his permission. The database lists all of the Bat-family's bunker sites and weapon caches. It is a local database, which means nobody but those within the cave can access it. Of course, Hush must have accessed it when he broke in. The sites are DNA locked to Alfred and Bruce - but Hush has Alfred's DNA.

Jason, meanwhile, visits reporter Vicki Vale at her apartment, and drops a story in her lap: the location of all of the Batman's caches and hideaways, as funded and built by Wayne Enterprises.

That night, as the streets are being closed for the curfew, a bomb goes off, destroying a military vehicle. The bomb was planted by Hush, but because he stole the explosives from a Bat-family cache, it will be traced back to Batman instead.


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