Quote1 You think you can lock me away? This is my home, Tommy. And you have no place here. Quote2
-- Alfred Pennyworth

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As the GCPD speeds toward Blackgate Penitentiary, they wonder how The Penguin got the cells opened from the control rooms. Their real concerns are with Jim Gordon, about whom they have heard nothing since the riots started.

Trapped in the grips of Penguin's thugs, Jim warns that if they kill him, they won't get out of the prison alive. His captor punches him and drops him - allowing him the moment he needs to leap on the Penguin and push him into one of the empty cells, locking the door behind him. He brutally punches Penguin in the face, as a demonstration of his strength and resolve. Discouraged, the thugs abandon Penguin to Gordon, who - having succeeded in getting himself alone with his enemy - ties the Penguin up and assures him that they are going to talk.

Meanwhile, Batman's allies are floundering against the enemies they had thought would be simple take-downs, thanks to the manipulations of Hush, who now sits at the controls of the Batcomputer, while Alfred Pennyworth stands imprisoned in the cell that had once held Hush. Coldly, Alfred demands to know what reason Hush has to deprive these people of the tools they need to defend themselves, and Hush responds merely that it is because they belong to Bruce Wayne - and he loves breaking his toys. Just to upset Alfred, Hush sends the Batboat out remotely with the intent of using it to sink a cargo ship.

Elsewhere, Julia Pennyworth makes good on her plan to find a rival to the Batcomputers by making her way into Red Robin's Robin's Nest.

Flying over the city in his chopper, Spoiler comments that despite her father's crowing, his whole plan was easy for her to figure it out. He suggests that their ability to solve puzzles is a hereditary talent - and he could teach her more if she'd agree to be his partner. She responds that she wants nothing to do with him, and grabs the helicopter's controls, leaping out onto a nearby rooftop. Sadly, he looks down at her defiant expression, and lets her go.

Julia notices the Batboat's progression, and begins countering his attempts to control it. Hush is intrigued, and works harder to override her - providing the distraction Alfred needs to speak the override code for his prison cell and free himself. Angrily, he approaches Tommy from behind and begins beating him into submission, reminding that he can't be locked away in his own home. As near as things have come to the finish line, it will not be Hush who is on the winning side. He knocks Tommy unconscious and hurriedly alters the Batboat's course, and restores communications and defences to the Bat-Family. Unfortunately, they're still at the mercy of their opponents, and it falls to Batman himself to help them. In the jet he stole from an airfield, Batman first launches himself at Bane.


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