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  • Rabbi Isaac Ben Luria (Death)


  • Aryan Reich
  • Rufus

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Synopsis for "The Greatest Evil"Edit

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  • This is the second and last part of the storyline featuring Ragman.
  • The story continues the events started in Batman #551.
  • Group Editor Dennis O'Neil wrote one of his mini-essays From the Den, about the policy on crossovers in the Batman titles. He did this as to reveal the new crossover entitled Cataclysm.
  • This is the last Batman issue in which Doug Moench, Kelley Jones and John Beatty worked together since they began in Batman #515. They worked as a team in a total of 34 Batman issues.


  • The lights seen in the batcave are said to be a geomangnetic anomalies known as earthlights. The same are said to happen when the tectonic plates of the earth are about to break causing an earthquake. This is the first sign of the eartquake that destroyed Gotham.
  • There are references to the Menorah; Hasadism and many other Jew related subjects.

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