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Supporting Characters:

  • Robin (Appears in flashback and main story)


Other Characters:


  • Tobek Chemical Corporation



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  • Synopsis not yet written.




The dynamics of a family are always difficult. All triumphs and tragedies are fraught with emotion. The successes are that much sweeter. But the failures can be so devastating that... well, it can feel as if the very act of breathing becomes a labor. But breathe we must. We must find that strength to go on... fortify ourselves to overcome the worst any clan might face. The passing of a relation... the loss of a loved one... a death in the family.
— Alfred Pennyworth, Batman Vol 1 687

Am I "all right"? No, sir. I am not. My son has died.
— Alfred Pennyworth, Batman Vol 1 687

You prepare yourself for this day... well, prepare is the wrong word... do you prepare yourself for the sun to rise, or for water to flow from a tap? No. These are knowables. These are eventualities. I knew I would never see him as an old man. No, he's leave us in a box, with jet black hair, and the only lines on his face would be ones brought by injury. You knew it wouldn't end well. Despite all the training, all the brilliance. All the strength... under it all there was just flesh, blood and bone. And a man who never feared death. You know as wel as I do he was frightened of a great many things, but his own mortality barely made the top hundred list with him. I just... I... I just wasn't ready to lose him.
— Dick Grayson, Batman Vol 1 687

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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