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  • El Penitente
    • The Third Hierarchy
      • Naberius
      • Duke Zepar
      • Sweet Belial

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Synopsis for "Batman vs Robin, Part One: The Haunting of Wayne Manor"Edit

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  • This issue is labeled as a tie to "Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne".
  • The numerous references to "Gardens of Death", "Corpse Roads", and Graveyards could all be a tie in to the concept of the "Haunting of Wayne Manor" Which implies Bruce Wayne is a ghost, and that he was even associated as such as he traveled through time.


  • Garden of death is a reference to several things throughout history including: A poem discussing doomed legacies and destruction of the future, and a painting depicting the final step before arising to the afterlife.
  • Corpse Roads were a series of roads that connected outlying churches and towns to "mother" churches with burial rites. They were often associated with spirits and stories of ghosts.
  • Barbatos is a duke and earl of Hell, with the power to communicate to animals, discuss the past and future, as well as lead men to hidden secrets.

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