Quote1 ...I want this to be a completely new start. We've been broken long enough. From here on out--good or bad--the truth rules. Quote2
-- Batman

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Batman gathers his family of allies together for the first time since the Joker attacked. While that situation had been caused because he kept something from them, from this point on, truth will be the norm. His companions are skeptical, and insist that they won't accept his sentiments unless he is offering unconditional truth - forever. Bruce agrees, and, removing their masks, the others consent to work with him as a team again.

With that out of the way, Bruce reveals his first secret: the Mother Box. This device opens a doorway to another world - to a place called Apokolips. He retrieved it from a Parademon. He explains how Ra's al Ghul stole the bodies of Damian and his mother Talia, and took them to Nanda Parbat, where Damian's sarcophagus was then stolen again by Glorious Godfrey. He further reveals his new Hellbat version of the Batsuit, which he hopes will give him a fighting chance on Apokolips. However, the others will be staying on Earth. He won't risk their lives as he allowed Damian to do. They are meant to remain and keep Gotham City safe in his absence - especially if he should fail.

After the others have left, Batman admits to the shadows that he heard Dick Grayson's stomach growling while he was hiding there. Dick takes the opportunity to express his own feelings about Damian's loss, and to offer his help in this mission - even if the others can't participate. Bruce explains that he has other plans for him. Dick had worn the cape and cowl once before. If he doesn't return, Gotham will need a Batman, and Dick should be him. In the meantime, he needs Dick to use Spyral to initiate several distractions that will get the attention of four individuals in four different parts of the world.

Soon, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Shazam realize that the super-villain's they've been fighting are merely holograms. At the Justice League Satellite, Lex Luthor realizes suddenly - and with no small amount of insult - that Batman felt the need to distract every one of his companions in the Justice League except him and Captain Cold. The ruse was all he needed to get to the satellite and steal the Hellbat suit. Batman remains on the satellite, though, and warns Luthor not to stop him. Lex comments that he would rather help. Having read about Darkseid and Apokolips, he knows Batman will have to do this right - insane as the plan is. He makes some adjustments to the suit's calibrations, warning that the suit is dangerous to wear, but Batman insists that he can work out the kinks on the fly. Realizing that Robin was Bruce Wayne's son, Lex comments that Bruce is going to hell to yank on the devil's tail. Batman asks what Lex would do to bring back someone he loved, and Lex responds that he would do whatever it takes. That is exactly how Bruce feels.

He activates the Mother Box and is gone before the Justice League can arrive, but the horror of Apokolips still looms ahead of him.


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