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On Apokolips, Batman has got Glorious Godfrey in his grips, and demands to know where his son is, and who Kalibak is. Godfrey explains that Kalibak is Darkseid's son, and he is using Damian Wayne's body and the Chaos Shard to power a weapon that can destroy worlds: the Chaos Cannon. The weapon transfers the life force of other planets to replenish Apokolips' health. He offers to take Batman to the weapon, but Batman tires of him and knocks him out. As he begins his search, though, his suit detects an alien bacteria inside it that begins weakening his vitals.

Batman's allies, meanwhile, recently travelled to Apokolips against his will to provide him aid. Unfortunately, they've run afoul of the Lowlies, who wish to eat them. An altercation results, and they barely escape with their lives.

Kalibak decides that he wants to use the Chaos Cannon to target an inhabited planet, to ensure that life-force shifts to Apokolips. He rejects warnings that his father might prefer to have the decision left to him. Before he can use the cannon again, though, he learns that an intruder is headed for his position, and authorizes full force to deter them. Batman tears through the Parademons sent to stop him. His allies find him standing atop a pile of their bodies, still aching for a fight. They have to force him to look at the Robin symbol to snap him out of it, reminding that while he is on Apokolips for his son's sake, they have come for his. After he accepts that they can play a role in his plan, he warns that the Chaos Cannon is preparing to fire again, and leads them in seeking Damian.

As Kalibak prepares the cannon for firing, he is suddenly attacked by Batman, as Titus locates Damian within the weapon's power supply. Cyborg attempts to rig the cannon to blow itself up as Batman defeats Kalibak in battle, but Cyborg is given a powerful shock that alerts Batman to the arrival of another threat.


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