Quote1.png We're always outnumbered. Our strategy is intelligence -- about applying measured pressure where it will do the most good. It's not brute force. Quote2.png
-- Batman

The Chrysalis is an Outsiders storyline written by Chuck Dixon with illustrations by Julian Lopez and Carlos Rodriguez. It's the debut arc of Dixon's Batman and the Outsiders volume. This directly follows Tony Bedard's mini-series Five of a Kind, and leads into Dixon's second arc The Snare.


Batman has his new team of Outsiders investigate an industrialist named Mr. Jardine in Central City. This team includes Catwoman, Grace, Katana, Martian Manhunter, Metamorpho, and Thunder. Thunder is kept as an observer in the Batcave because Batman does not trust her in the field. They infiltrate Jardine's tower, and discover that he is keeping a private OMAC.[1] Catwoman, Katana, and Metamorpho battle the OMAC while Martian Manhunter collects data. Catwoman decides that this is too much for her, and she quits the team. Grace and Metamorpho are able to electrocute the OMAC into submission. Martian Manhunter questions the wisdom of capturing the OMAC instead of destroying it, and decides to return to the Justice League. The rest of the team retires to their penthouse for chinese takeout, where they meet new recruit Batgirl.[2] Batman brings in scientists Francine Langstrom and Salah Miandad to work on the OMAC. Black Lightning, Geo-Force, and Hawkgirl are sent by the Justice League to forcibly retrieve the OMAC. The OMAC activates and the Justice League try to stop it, but they blunder and get in the way of the Outsiders easily taking it down. The Justice League take the OMAC, and Geo-Force is transferred to the Outsiders. It's revealed that Batman set up a ruse to keep his altered OMAC, which Francine and Salah have renamed ReMAC.[3] They go to French Guiana to stop Jardine from launching a rocket to the moon. Green Arrow joins the team and clashes with Batgirl, but they reconcile after a fight. Francine and Salah animate ReMAC into a robot they can use for combat support in the field. Jardine hires Bunny, Camorouge, Gunhawk, and Militia to protect him.[4] The Outsiders enter the facility and battle these mercenaries. Bunny and Gunhawk nearly snipe Batman, but their bodies are taken over by Ralph Dibny and Sue Dibny as the Ghost Detectives. Geo-Force is unable to stop the rockets without harming civilians, and Jardine forces them to launch with Metamorpho stowing away. They carry Jardine into illegal custody. Green Arrow is unsure of whether or not he wants to stay, and decides to take it one mission at a time.[5]


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