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This trade paperback collects ten Batman tales from the 70's, the decade in which Batman began his transformation from the campy Caped Crusader of the sixties television show into the grim Dark Knight of the nineties' motion pictures.


This trade paperback reprints stories from the following comic book issues:

This paperback also collects a Batman pinup from Detective Comics #443 (November, 1974) by Walt Simonson, a Batman family pinup from Detective Comics #483 (May, 1979) by Dick Giordano, a supervillains pinup from Detective Comics #484 (July, 1979) by Jim Aparo and a Batgirl and Robin pinup from Detective Comics #485 (September, 1979) by Dick Giordano.


  • This paperback includes an introduction by Dennis O'Neil. O'Neil wrote several of the stories in this book and, with artist Neal Adams, largely defined this period of the Batman's history.
  • The paperback includes some information about Batman in the 70's in short chapters called Classic Tales, Cast of Characters, The Villains, Bat-Books of the Seventies and The Artists.


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