Bearly Asleep
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Directed by Jack Hannah
Produced by Walt Disney
Running time 7 min
Country Flag of the United States.svg.png United States|United States
Language English
Preceded by No Hunting
Followed by Beezy Bear

Bearly Asleep is a Disney animated short featuring Donald Duck, who appears as a park ranger, and Humphrey's fourth appearance.


After the park guests leave for the winter, Donald and the bears all wave goodbye, except for Humphrey, who's asleep on a hammock. He and all the bears reside in their cave for their winter hibernation, but Humphrey is being annoyingly loud. After getting a glass of water from Donald's house, he's just about to go inside when Humphrey yells, "OW! Humphrey pinched me!" That angers Donald, as he goes home complaining about all the fuss that Humphrey has given his. Later, Humphrey is kicked out for his loud snoring. After two unsuccessful attempts to sleep in a log and a train tunnel, he decides to sleep in Donald's house by pretending to sleepwalk inside and sleep in Donald's bed. Wise to his actions, Donald sets fire to Humphrey's rear end with an oil lamp and tries nailing him out, but Humphrey inadvertently gets back inside when his nose gets stuck on a window. He then tries hiding in the shower, but retreats after being exposed to hot water. He then hides in the kitchen oven, but again gets caught by Donald, who kicks him out for the last time. After having some toys thrown at him, Humphrey disguises himself as a baby to return to the cave, which is a success, but to the other bears' disadvantage, as they cannot sleep because of Humphrey's snoring.

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