Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children
Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children Vol 1 1.jpg
Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children, vol. 1 (June 1989)
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics under the Piranha Press imprint
Format Ongoing series
Publication date June 1989 - September 1992
Number of issues 30
Creative team
Writer(s) Dave Louapre
Artist(s) Dan Sweetman

Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children is a comic book series written by Dave Louapre and illustrated by Dan Sweetman, published by DC Comics under the Piranha Press imprint from June 1989 until September 1992, a total of 30 issues in the run (and a couple of anthologies published separately).

In late 2006, Dave Louapre announced there would be a collected edition published, but their Canadian publisher closed down later that year.

According to an entry on, a trade paperback containing the first 5 issues was to be released from BOOM! Studios in October 2008. On October 27, 2008, BOOM! Studios indicated that they were not publishing a BSFUC trade paperback and that they would be contacting to correct the false entry. The BSFUC website has not been updated since October 31, 2006.

Stories from BSFUC

  • Issue #1: A Cotton Candy Autopsy
  • Issue #2: The Dead Johnsons' Big Incredible Day
  • Issue #3: Diary of a Depressed Tap Dancer
  • Issue #4: The Black Balloon
  • Issue #5: The Crypt of The Magi
  • Issue #6: Happy Birthday to Hell
  • Issue #7: Ricky The Doughnut Boy
  • Issue #8: Die Rainbow Die
  • Issue #9: By The Light of The Screaming Moon
  • Issue #10: Where The Tarantulas Play
  • Issue #11: The Daffodils of Plague Town
  • Issue #12: Beneath The Useless Universe
  • Issue #13: A Cotton Candy Autopsy II - Bingo And Addy's Escape
  • Issue #14: Dangerous Prayers
  • Issue #15: The Pagan Tourist
  • Issue #16: The Santas of Demotion Street
  • Issue #17: A Conspiracy of Sweaters
  • Issue #18: The Neutered Beast, a tale about a cupid.
  • Issue #19: Nice Girls Don't Massacre Ants
  • Issue #20: Arnold: Confessions of a Blood Junkie
  • Issue #21: Dances With Cows
  • Issue #22: Psychotronic Virgin
  • Issue #23: Tiny Slimy, Writhing Thing
  • Issue #24: I Am Paul's Dog
  • Issue #25: Legion of Ogs
  • Issue #26: Dead Like Me
  • Issue #27: The No-Wax Killing Floor
  • Issue #28: The Guilty Orphan
  • Issue #29: Gravity Sucks
  • Issue #30: The Dream is Dead - Gone, Shot Off, All Squashed Flat

Other BSFUC tales

  • The Wasteland, a book of single-panel cartoons by Louapre and Sweetman.
  • What If This Were Heaven, Wouldn't That Be Hell?, BSFUC anthology of all-new stories.
  • A Cotton Candy Autopsy (collecting issues #1 and 13, plus a brand-new story)

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