Bernard Prince is a Franco-Belgian comics series, featuring an Eponymous character and his sailor-adventurer companions. The series was created by Belgian cartoonists Greg and Hermann for the Franco-Belgian comics magazine Tintin, first appearing on January 4, 1966.[1]


Originally an agent of Interpol the heroic Prince, joined by the roguish Barney Jordan and the clever orphan Djinn, becomes an adventurer sailing through the contemporary (1960s-70s) world on a sloop, the beautiful Cormoran.


  1. General Satan, story by Greg, illustrations by Hermann
  2. Storm over Coronado, Greg/Hermann
  3. The Hell of Suong-Bay, Greg/Hermann
  4. Manhattan Adventure, Greg/Hermann (remake illustrated by Edouard Aidans)
  5. Fire in the Oasis, Greg/Hermann
  6. The Law of the Hurricane, Greg/Hermann
  7. The Scorched Land, Greg/Hermann
  8. The Green Flame of the Conquistador, Greg/Hermann
  9. Guerillas for a Ghost, Greg/Hermann
  10. The Hot Breath of Moloch, Greg/Hermann
  11. Fortress of Fog, Greg/Hermann
  12. Target: Cormoran, Greg/Hermann
  13. Port of Madness, Greg/Hermann
  14. The Trap of 100,000 Spears, Greg/Dany
  15. The Cormoran Returns, Greg/Dany (includes "Farewell, Queen!" (Adieu, la reine!), "Everyone's taste" (Chacun son goût), "The return of Cormoran" (Le retour du Cormoran))
  16. Miss Dynamite, Greg/Aidans
  17. Green Poison, Greg/Aidans
  18. Danger on the River, Yves H./Hermann



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