Betty Boop and Little Jimmy
Betty Boop series
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Directed by Dave Fleischer
Produced by Max Fleischer
Voices by Mae Questel
Music by Sammy Timberg (uncredited)
Animation by Hicks Lockey
Myron Waldman
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date(s) March 27, 1936
Color process Black-and-white
Running time 6 mins
Language English

Betty Boop and Little Jimmy is a 1936 Fleischer Studio animated short film, starring Betty Boop and featuring newspaper comic strip character Little Jimmy.


Betty Boop and Little Jimmy are working out in a storage room equipped with 1930s vintage exercise equipment. Betty sings the song "Keep Your Girlish Figure" and Little Jimmy responds with a verse "If you're thin, don't worry over that. Just begin to laugh and you'll grow fat".

Betty starts using a belt exercise machine, but gets into trouble when its control gets stuck. She sends Little Jimmy to get an electrician, but along the way he gets distracted and the object of his search keeps changing – magician, politician, musician etc.

Fortunately, he eventually returns to Betty and accidentally pulls the plug, freeing her from the exercise machine. By this time, she is so thin her figure is like Olive Oyl's and she looks so funny that she and Little Jimmy can't stop laughing. In keeping with Little Jimmy's song, the two of them are soon as fat and round as balloons.

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