Betty Boop and the Little King
Betty Boop series
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Directed by Dave Fleischer
Produced by Max Fleischer
Story by Otto Soglow (as O. Soglow)
Voices by Mae Questel
Animation by Hicks Lockey
Myron Waldman
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date(s) January 31, 1936
Color process Black-and-white
Running time 7 mins
Language English

Betty Boop and the Little King is a 1936 Fleischer Studio animated short film, starring Betty Boop and featuring Otto Soglow's Little King.


A special opera performance is held for the Little King and his queen, but the diminutive monarch is soon bored by the music. He sneaks out in search of some new entertainment, and spots a sign for Betty Boop at the local vaudeville theatre. After some difficulties getting a pretzel from a vendor, the curtain comes up on Betty's Wild West show. Betty performs several tricks with her horse, entrancing the monarch. He joins Betty on stage for a song and dance number, just in time to be caught by the angry queen. The monarchs leave in the royal carriage, with Betty (hiding on the fender) holding the Little King's hand.

Production notes

The Little King had appeared in several cartoons produced by Van Beuren Studios (1933–34). In those cartoons he was silent (as he had been in his comic strip). This short is the only one in which the Little King speaks.

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