Quote1.png Roll in that tongue, Macavoy -- Risa can turn you into a puddle of red jelly in a heartbeat. Quote2.png
-- Detective Michael Fortine

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Synopsis for "Watching the Detectives"Edit

The Vampire Crime Unit discover the body of a woman named Amadeus Tyne at a trendy vampire club called Heavy Flo. Risa Del Toro is present, but disappears before the cops arrive. Hector Cruces and Bonita Lou Yama interogate a witness, but come up with few results.

Later, lead detective Michael Fortine and his young partner Paco Macavoy go to El Dorado to question Risa Del Toro. Risa's lover Carrie Stein provides an alibi for Risa's whereabouts the previous evening, citing that the two spent the entire evening together.

Cruces and Bonita go to another club called Hozzier Daddy - a club owned by Risa Del Toro. Bonita attempts to question the bartender, but he decides to run from the scene. Bonita gives chase and fells the suspect by shooting him in the buttocks.

Back at the precicnt, Macavoy receives a greeting card from Risa Del Toro, which contains an erotic message.

Fortine later meets with Carrie Stein privately. Stein is tired of Risa's devil-may-care attitude and professes that she owed no loyalty to her. She tells Fortine that Risa lied about her whereabouts the evening prior.

Still later, Bonita and Hector go to the morgue where they identify the victim from Heavy Flo. The woman is Amadeus Tyne Leopold, the daughter of a judge that Risa has in her pocket.



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