Quote1.png Cancel my dinner... refill my vicodin... Quote2.png
-- Risa Del Toro

Appearing in "Suck Off and Die"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Claire Del Toro (Behind the scenes)
  • Wendy (First appearance)
  • Mrs. Worth (First appearance)


  • Miami
  • El Dorado
  • Miami Dade Police Substation 435
  • St. John's Cathedral
  • Succubus night club



Synopsis for "Suck Off and Die"Edit

Eduardo Del Toro, Sr., vampire and patriarch of the Del Toro crime family is gunned down inside 1810 of a Miami office building. The impact of the bullets propels him through the window where he plummets to the street below, impaling himself on an outdoor eatery's table umbrella. His last thoughts are, "...silver bullets my ass."

Meanwhile, Eduardo's daughter Risa Del Toro (also a vampire) is engaging in public sex at a night club called Succubus. She receives a message on her cell phone informing her of her father's untimely demise.

At the Miami Dade police substation, Eduardo's oldest son, Eduardo Del Toro, Jr. meets with Vampire Crime Unit detective Michael Fortine about getting his son, Daniel, out of jail. Fortine despises vampires, but he acknowledges the Del Toro family's power and influence. Ultimately, he has little choice but to let Danny Del Toro go. Eddie admonishes his son for the brash acts that brought him to this place.

At St. John's Cathedral, Leto Del Toro works as the country's first fully ordanied vampire priest. He meets with a girl named Wendy who confesses to him about her lesbian lifestyle. Del Toro's superior, Monsignor Declan Kelly arrives to tell Leto of his father's demise.

Some time later, Eduardo Sr.'s nephew, Victor Sanchez and Eddie Del Toro begin investigating the older vampire's death. Victor interrogates a young woman, ultimately killing her while Eddie watches. Neither of them can believe that any person, human or vampire, could possibly get the drop of Eduardo Del Toro.

Before long, a reception service is held at the Del Toro estate, El Dorado. The three Del Toro siblings argue with one another, and later, both Leto and Danny catch Arabella Del Toro (Eduardo's wife) having sex with one another.

After an exchange of words, Leto retires to his father's study where he meets with Zephraim Klein, Eduardo's consigliere. Zephraim tells Leto that he stands to inherit the entirety of his father's estate. Leto responds with, "Christ on a ****ing bike!"


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