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Synopsis for "The Greatest Horror of Them All"Edit

Johnny lives in Sanctuary where other deformed people live free from the prying eyes of the public. He falls in love with Elena, the lovely secretary, until he learns her secret, that she too, is yet another freak.

Appearing in "Madame Cyanide and Mister Tricks!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Madame Cyanide and Mister Tricks!"Edit

When a witch called Madame Cyanide shows up in town a local invites a debunker who calls himself Mr. Tricks to expose her as a fraud. She puts a curse on him, but the town doctor tells him his skin irritation is due to exposure to acid. When farm animals take ill, Mr. Tricks surmises that their surroundings have been tampered with. The townspeople become angry and head out as a mob to Madame Cyanide's place. Mr. Tricks gets there ahead of the mob in order to warn her and is surprised when he sees the silhouette of what looks like a woman riding a broomstick cast against the moon.

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