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"Black Vengeance" is a sequel to the 2004 story-arc "Black Reign" focusing on Black Adam and his relationship to Atom-Smasher. The storyline ties heavily into events taking place in the Day of Vengeance limited series.
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Quote1.png Blood soaks these desert lands. The stench of sin rises from them. Like Sodom and Gomorrah, the city of Shiruta will fall. The Spectre demands sacrifice. Quote2.png
-- The Spectre

The Spectre, no longer tethered to a human host had gone insane. Further, his passion for vengeance was corrupted by the manipulations of the Eclipso host Jean Loring. Seeing all elements of magic as sinful, the Spectre sought to destroy anyone and anything related to the supernatural. He first stopped in Midway City where Jean and he halted the efforts of the wraith-like Crimson Avenger. They then went to the Tower of Fate in Salem and accosted Hector Hall - the most recent successor to the role of Doctor Fate. But the one that Jean really wanted revenge against was Black Adam. They then flew off to Adam's ancestral home in Kahndaq.

Through the wizard Shazam, Captain Marvel learned of what was to take place in Kahndaq and alerted his allies the JSA. They boarded the Steel Eagle and flew to Kahndaq's capitol city Shiruta only to find that the Spectre was already laying waste to the city. Black Adam had his own allies defending Kahndaq: The warriors of Feithera, and the former JSA member Atom-Smasher. While most of the JSA defended Kahndaq's populace, Black Adam fought the Spectre directly. He flew like a bullet, piercing the Spectre's shell, giving him pause. Adam did not appreciate the JSA's presence in his country, and turned against them, even though they were both fighting for the same goal. He even rallied his countrymen to take up arms against the JSA, citing that these heroes were not allies, but enemies.

The rest of the JSA turned their attention towards the Spectre. J.J. Thunder released the Thunderbolt and ordered it to send the Spectre to the Fifth Dimension. The Spectre turned the Thunderbolt's power against him however, and both Johnny Thunderbolt and J.J. Thunder were spirited off to the Fifth Dimension.

Black Adam soon realized that Eclipso was the true source of the Spectre's madness. He fought with Eclipso in the air, blinding her, then snapping her neck. Eclipso recovered however, and managed to escape. Atom-Smasher meanwhile, decided to take the Spectre one-on-one. He increased his mass well beyond his normal limitations and the grappled with one another over the streets of Shiruta. The Spectre intended on extracting vengeance against Al as well for his role in the murder of Extant. Atom-Smasher, knowing that he could not beat the Spectre, instead made a deal with him. He would willingly accept the Spectre's judgment, if the spirit of vengeance agreed to leave Kahndaq. The Spectre agreed to the bargain, so he reached inside of Al's chest and crushed his heart. Atom-Smasher, still the size of a giant, fell to the ground dead. With that, the Spectre disappeared. Black Adam however, refused to let another comrade-in-arms die at his side. He called down the magic lightning of Shazam and used it to restart Atom-Smasher's heart. With the battle over, the JSA collected Al's injured body and flew away.


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Blue Beetle Scarab, Nth Metal, T-Spheres


Steel Eagle


Cosmic Staff; Green Lantern Ring


  • When Black Adam first became involved in the JSA in issue #6, Atom-Smasher and he shared a bitter rivalry with one another. The two later resolved their differences and became close allies. Black Adam even considered Atom-Smasher his brother. During the "Black Reign" saga, Atom-Smasher left the JSA and became a member of Black Adam's super-hero team operating out of Kahndaq.
  • Atom-Smasher killed Hank Hall, the villain formerly known as Extant, in JSA #15.
  • Jean Loring was once the wife of Ray Palmer, the super-hero known as the Atom. Desperate to preserve their failing marriage, she orchestrated an elaborate scheme which resulted in the death of a close friend Sue Dibny during the "Identity Crisis" event. This incident drove the crazed Jean Loring even more insane and she was hospitalized at Arkham Asylum. In Day of Vengeance #1, Jean became a host for the former spirit of vengeance Eclipso, and used the untethered Spectre entity to declare war against all magic.

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