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Blackbird, blackbirds, black bird or black birds may refer to:


Two groups of birds in the Passerida parvorder:

  • Old World blackbirds, any of several species belonging to the genus Turdus in the Turdidae family
    • Chinese blackbird
    • Common blackbird
    • Grey-winged blackbird
    • Indian blackbird
    • Somali thrush or Somali blackbird
    • Tibetan blackbird
    • White-collared blackbird
  • New World blackbirds, any of 26 species in the Icteridae family

Arts, entertainment, and media


  • Black Bird (Basilières novel), 2003, by Michel Basilières
  • Blackbird (Dibia novel), 2011
  • Blackbird (memoir), 2000, by Jennifer Lauck
  • Blackbird, a 1986 novel by Larry Duplechan
  • Blackbird (journal), an online journal of literature and the arts
  • Black Bird (manga), 2007, by Kanoko Sakurakoji
  • Blackbird (comics), an aircraft in the X-Men comics
  • Blackbird (Femizon), a villain in the Marvel Comics universe

Film, theatre and TV


  • Black Bird, a 1973 South Korean film featuring Namkoong Won
  • Black Birds (film), a 1967 Yugoslav film
  • Blackbird (2007 film), directed by Adam Rapp
  • Blackbird (2012 film), directed by Jason Buxton
  • Blackbird (2013 film), a 2013 drama film
  • Blackbird (2014 film), directed by Patrik-Ian Polk
  • Blackbird (upcoming film), an upcoming drama film directed by Roger Michell
  • Blackbirds (1915 film), a silent film starring Laura Hope Crews
  • Blackbirds (1920 film), a lost silent film starring Justine Johnstone
  • The Black Bird, a 1975 film starring George Segal
  • The Blackbird, a 1926 film directed by Tod Browning
  • Deadfall (2012 film), directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky, which had the working title Blackbird
  • Beyond the Lights, a 2014 film directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood originally titled Blackbird


  • Blackbird (play), 2005, by David Harrower
  • Blackbird, a play by Adam Rapp
  • Blackbirds of 1928, a Broadway revue, based on the 1926 London revue Blackbirds
  • Blackbirds of 1933, a follow-up to Blackbirds of 1928



  • Blackbird (violin), a playable full size violin made of igneous rock
  • Epiphone Blackbird, an electric bass guitar


  • Blackbird (band), an American post-punk band
  • The Blackbirds (German band), 1960s
  • The Blackbirds (Norwegian band)
  • The Blackbirds (South African band)
  • The Blackbyrds, an American rhythm and blues and jazz-funk fusion group


  • Blackbird (Alter Bridge album), 2007
  • Blackbird (Fat Freddy's Drop album), 2013, or the title song
  • Blackbird (Dan Sultan album), 2014
  • Musta Lindu, re-released as Black Bird, by Värttinä

Songs and compositions

  • "Blackbird" (Beatles song), 1968
  • "Blackbird" (Alter Bridge song), 2007
  • "Blackbird" (Norma John song), 2017
  • Le Merle noir ("The Blackbird"), a chamber work by Olivier Messiaen
  • "Blackbird", a song by Alkaline Trio from Is This Thing Cursed?
  • "Blackbird", a song by Benny Benassi from ...Phobia
  • "Blackbird", a song by Dido from Girl Who Got Away
  • "Blackbirds", a song by Erin McKeown from Distillation
  • "Blackbird", a song by Graves
  • "Blackbird", a song by Madness from Can't Touch Us Now
  • "Blackbird", a song by Marcy Playground from Leaving Wonderland...in a fit of rage
  • "Blackbird", an instrumental by Mike Oldfield from Light + Shade
  • "Blackbird", a song by Silly Wizard from Live Wizardry
  • "Blackbird", a song by Nina Simone from Nina Simone with Strings
  • "Black Bird", a 2003 song by The Beautiful Girls
  • "Blackbird", a song by Third Day from Third Day
  • "Blackbirds", a song by Linkin Park from the video game 8-Bit Rebellion!
  • "The Blackbird", a song by The Wurzels
  • "The Blackbird Ballet", a song by Jimmy Barnes from Och Aye the G'nu
  • "Bye Bye Blackbird", a 1926 jazz standard by Ray Henderson and Mort Dixon often known simply as "Blackbird"


  • Blackbird, a car in the anime Wangan Midnight and the video game, Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune
  • Task Force Blackbird, a CIA organization in the video game Medal of Honor: Warfighter


  • Blackbird (Omaha leader) (c. 1750–1800)
  • Andrew Blackbird (c. 1815–1908), Odawa leader and historian
  • Lewis Blackbird (born 1987), British motorcycle speedway rider
  • King Parsons (born 1949), American wrestler who used the ring name "The Blackbird"
  • Ziryab (789–857), Kurdish musician and performer, whose name means "blackbird" or "nightingale"


  • Blackbird, Delaware
  • Blackbird Hundred, an unincorporated subdivision of New Castle County, Delaware, U.S.
  • Blackbird Leys, a civil parish in Oxford, England
  • Blackbird mine, a defunct cobalt mine in Lemhi County, Idaho, U.S.
  • Blackbird Township, Thurston County, Nebraska
  • Blackbird Vineyards, a California winery

Science and technology


  • Blackbird (codec), video compression software
  • Blackbird (online platform), a cancelled Microsoft MSN development platform
  • Blackbird, an internal codename for Apple Computer's Macintosh IIfx desktop computer
  • Blackbird, the internal codename for Apple Computer's PowerBook 500 series of laptops
  • Blackbird Group, a defunct enterprise software company
  • HP Blackbird 002, a personal computer



  • Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, a United States Air Force supersonic reconnaissance aircraft
  • A-12 Blackbird, the unofficial nickname for the forerunner to the SR-71 Blackbird, codenamed A-12 OXCART
  • Aero A.34 Kos (English: Blackbird), a 1930s Czechoslovakian biplane
  • Mutual Blackbird, a late 1920s biplane

Land and rail

  • Blackbird (land yacht), a wheeled vehicle which demonstrated that it is possible to sail downwind faster than the wind
  • Blackbird, a GWR 3300 Class steam locomotive on the Great Western Railway in England
  • Super Blackbird, a model name given to the Honda CBR1100XX sport-touring motorcycle
  • "The Blackbird", a dragster driven by professional racer Jack Beckman


  • Baltimore Blackbirds, a defunct indoor American football team
  • FC Jyväskylä Blackbird, a Finnish football club
  • LIU Brooklyn Blackbirds, sports teams of Long Island University's Brooklyn campus

See also

  • Blackbeard (c. 1680–1718), English pirate
  • Blackbirding, a recruitment practice utilizing trickery or kidnapping
  • Bluebird (disambiguation)
  • Redbird (disambiguation)