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Blackhawk Squadron
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The Blackhawks
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Quote1.png The greedy grasp of tyranny is upon Europe, and ramparts of evil challenge the free-born peoples of the world to dispute Nazi cruelty if they dare! And there are those who dare, who never refused a dare yet! Messengers of destruction to all evil and injustice -- The Blackhawks! Quote2.png

The Blackhawk Squadron was formed in the early days of World War II. A Polish American pilot was in Poland, flying for the Polish air force, when Germany invaded. The pilot's brother and sister were killed in a German bombing raid. He swore vengeance and gathered a team of crack pilots from the nations allied against the Nazis. In one version of this origin, the team was secretly sponsored by Winston Churchill. The Blackhawks battled both the Nazis in the European Theater and the Japanese in the Pacific.

After WW II, the Blackhawks turned their attention to the Communist threat. They fought various Communist agents with occassional free lance villains appearing as well. Gradually, the Communist threat was replaced entirely by more ordinary super-villains, aliens and supernatural threats.

All the Blackhawks were crack pilots. They were superb in hand to hand combat. And each had a specialty; weapons, communications, acrobatics, etc. They operated from a secret base called Blackhawk Island. This probably was more than one island since originally it was located off the coast of Europe but later it seemed to be located in the Pacific.


Equipment: none known
Transportation: Grumman XF5F Skyrocket; Lockheed XF-90; Blackhawk Jet; Hawksub; Safari-mobile
Weapons: Colt .45 automatics, Thompson submachine guns


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