Appearing in "Mission Incredible"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Strogoff

Other Characters:

  • Prof. Keroff
  • Anya


  • The Asian Steppes
  • London


  • A toy monkey


Synopsis for "Mission Incredible"Edit

As the Blackhawks attempt to rebuild Blackhawk Island after the attack by the Black Mask, they receive a mission to rescue Anya, the daughter of Professor Keroff from the clutches of an assassin, Strogoff. The assassin has killed Keroff and wants Anya because she possesses knowledge of the professor research and formulas. The Blackhawks break her out of Strogoff's facility in Asia, then make their way back to friendly territory, doing battle with Strogoff's men along the way. They eventually convince the assassin that Anya has perished in an explosion, so he calls off the pursuit. When Anya is safe, she mistrusts Blackhawk because he made her throw away her beloved doll, to convince Strogoff that the girl was dead. Olaf is able to charm the girl and get her to pass along Keroff's research by inviting her to the circus.



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