Quote1.png Yep! I reckon this'd be a good time for us to join the enemy and go grab us a couple of brews. Quote2.png
-- Chuck Wilson

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On 1940-May-11th, the Blackhawk squadron airdropped into a small Dutch town, from their very-modified Grumman two-seat XF5F-1 ground-attack fighters, and kiboshed a Nazi-sponsored completely-bogus plebescite election, plus encountered a very large experimental tank and kiboshed it with tommy guns and karate. By 1940-May-12th, Blackhawk got captured by Kapitan Von Tepp, and was interrogated at Eindhoven, with sodium pentothal, and revealed the coordinates of an Allied ammo depot, but really it's all just directions to nowhere, pre-planted via post-hypnotic suggestion by Allied Intelligence.


  • This series is set on Earth-One, in which Chuck is from Texas (not Brooklyn), Hendrickson is from Netherlands (not Germany), Olaf is from Sweden (not Denmark), and Chop-Chop is young and fit but still wearing the Chinaman suit, at first.[1] The cleaver-waving roly-poly comedy relief version of Chop Chop existed, but only in the Quality Universe.
  • Blackhawk reported directly to Winston Churchill.
  • As described in the flashback section of a later story, the previous April, it had been General Ernst Von Tepp who took command of the Nazis' super-soldier program.[2]


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