Quote1 You must be Domino. Hess told me you'd be protecting my rear. I assume you are going to eliminate Mr. Blackhawk here, are you not? Quote2
-- Prof. Merson

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On 1940-May-12th, Hinrichten agent Domino, formerly peasant girl Helga, trained at the Leipzig Project, is assigned to assassinate Blackhawk. She gets to fly her own Stuka. The Blackhawk squadron is assigned to retrieve "captured" weapons-building scientist Professor Merson. That evening, in a casino, in the tiny neutral land of Beldorf, near southern Belgium, Blackhawk (in a tuxedo) is vamped, knocked out (with the edge of her hand), and NOT abducted, or killed, by Domino. The Blackhawks then find and rescue Prof. Merson, who knocks out Stanislaus with an electric pen, and steals his airplane. Merson can fly a Grumman Skyrocket. Next morning (1940-May-13th) the Blackhawks fly to Adrien Belgium, where the War Wheel is destroying the aircraft factory and the town. Blackhawk electrifies a chain link fence with high-voltage power lines, then lures the W.W. to roll over it, electrocuting its crew; the Wheel falls over. Domino sneaks up on Blackhawk and knocks him out with a pistol barrel, preventing Prof Merson's re-defection, but she again fails to kill him, plus pretends to have no orders to kill Blackhawk when really she does.


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