Quote1 I feel lower than a sidewinder's belly button. Ol' Hendy may be fulla hot air, but so was the Hindenburg. And didn't deserve what it got, neither. Quote2
-- Chuck Wilson

Appearing in "The Private War of Hendrickson"Edit

Featured Characters:

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  • Luftwaffe
    • Der Bussard (Death)

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Synopsis for "The Private War of Hendrickson"Edit

On 1940-May-14th,[1] Allied Command stupidly pressures Blackhawk to order Hendrickson to retire. Meanwhile Hendrickson uses old-fashioned engineering skill and cartography to locate a secret Luftwaffe base, in eastern France. Another Merson-looking giant experimental weapons-machine is at this base, the Multi-Turret, a turtle-shaped missile-shooting walking fortress. Andre's fancy flying, typically reckless but effective, draws a missile which he aerially side-steps, and which blows up the base's fuel depot. Hendrickson faces off against Der Bussard in a pistol duel, and kills him. Hendrickson ends up staying on the team.


  • The story flashes back to 11 Sept 1939 "a week and three days after Hitler's invasion of Poland"[2] confirming that in Earth-One history that the invasion happened on 1 Sept 1939 as it did in our world. This will cause continuity issues regarding when the events of Blackhawk #257 and Blackhawk #258 happened.


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