Quote1.png I just saw five guys who looked like Hitler run out! Quote2.png
-- Chop-Chop

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On Earth-One, the Nazis took over Paris, and Blackhawk was still in the hospital, still with that evil medallion which was still receiving the late Doctor Gehirn's evil radio signal.

Stanislaus led a 5-pilot raid, on foot, to a Nazi research bunker in Czechoslovakia, site of the Verdoppelung Project (a Hitler duplication effort) and the Ubermeister Project, in which General Ernst Von Tepp and Professor Merson were turning German soldier volunteers into Hugo Strange-type large mindless monsters, with pointy teeth. Coincidentally, these two villains had already dispatched one such "Reject" agent to London, to whack Blackhawk in the hospital; now a 2nd & 3rd Reject were sent out after the raiding team, capturing four of them alive. The monsters were bulletproof, and they kidnapped Blackhawk & Olaf alive, from different locations, and flew back to Czechoslovakia in a Junkers tri-motor.

So at the end of that day, six Blackhawks were in the same cell. Next day: Stanislaus got captured, after killing a Reject with a grenade, so the bad guys pumped him full of monster juice plus brainwashed him. The other six Blackhawks escaped, killing another Reject in the process (with a bazooka); Von Tepp and Merson also left, by separate escape routes, the Hitler lookalikes all fled, and the research bunker burned down AND blew up. To be continued...


  • Narration on page 1 says "Unfortunately this is 1940_" but this is immediately contradicted by Blackhawk #257 which is set two weeks later which states Poland was invaded by Hitler two years ago which Blackhawk #253 establisehd was Sept 1, 1939.
  • Narration also says "…there is no Superman. Not on this world, anyway.”
  • Editorial comment on letters page confirms that this series is set on Earth-One.


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