Quote1 In the last FOUR DAYS, I personally have assassinated JOSEPH STALIN .. CHARLES DEGAULLE .. FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT .. and WINSTON CHURCHILL. I, Adolf Hitler, executed these enemies of destiny to show you resistance is FUTILE. They all resisted. They are all DEAD. Quote2
-- Hitler

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By circa 1940-June-21 at the very earliest, Hinrichten agent Domino had been tried and condemned and awaited a firing squad. Blackhawk officer Andre had intercepted a propaganda newsreel of Hitler gloating over having personally assassinated four world leaders, "four days in the future," or "next Monday." The team split up to guard four targets (De Gaulle, Stalin, Churchill, & Roosevelt), in three distant places. Domino escaped from her ineptly-guarded cell on death row and from the badly underperforming Royal Army.

Domino in one day gets from a military prison in England to Berlin. All four assassination attempts (in rural France, Moscow, London, and London) are thwarted, and all four assassins self-destruct, by detonating chest-mounted bombs (believing they are activating their quick-escape equipment). These assassins were the Hitler-impersonating "Four Zwillings." At story's end, Blackhawk and Domino are each assigned to destroy the other.



  • Der Fuehrer's Face is the name of Oliver Wallace's song used in the 1943 Anti-Nazi Donald Duck cartoon of the same name (it had been originally titled Donald Duck in Nutzi Land).

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