Quote1.png Olaf not get it. If it ban loaded, how come she not kill Blackhawk? Maybe it jammed or maybe . . . Quote2.png
-- Olaf Bjornson

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  • Spain
  • Marrakesh, Morocco



Synopsis for "Only One Survives!"Edit

The 2nd War Wheel was brought (via cloud-cover-generating giant dirigibles) to a Spanish town, and the Blackhawks flew there and landed. But then they got back in their airplanes and attacked the heavy-lifting dirigibles, until they had to drop the War Wheel, which also survived that treatment, and Hendrickson shot off one of its navigation antennas, but the Wheel kept recovering its balance, until Stanislaus lured it into a lake of quicksand. The crew was captured alive and turned over to some belatedly-arriving Spanish troops.

Meanwhile Blackhawk himself (with his white tuxedo) flew to Marrakesh, after Hinrichten Agent Domino, but they both got captured by the local mobsters, who ransomed them off to (respectively) Hitler and the British Government. (Because in wartime, enemies outbid friends, on both sides.) Domino and Blackhawk cooperated long enough to pull an escape, and then the Blackhawks showed up and landed. There was a struggle and, halfway through it Domino's machine-pistol failed to fire, and at the very end of it, Domino was shot dead by Hendrickson.


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