Quote1 NO, you IMBECILE! The order is to capture Agent SCHOENER! Order that he be SHOT ON SIGHT! NO ONE must know that we let Blackhawk simply WALK in here ... and then that we let him GET AWAY! Quote2
-- Adolf Hitler

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"Only a couple weeks" after joining the team, Blackhawk officer Gaynor murders a cageful of Nazi prisoners in the newly-renamed town of "La Resistance" France, on the Belgian border, then follows the team back to Blackhawk Island. Meanwhile Blackhawk is escaping from Germany on a series of freight trains. Along the way, Blackhawk re-encounters Helga the barmaid, who helps him escape.

The next day, General Haifisch/Killer Shark counterattacks and retakes the town. The Blackhawks counter-counterattack, but he captures all six of them. Meanwhile in Germany, Frau Bulle recruits Helga for the Leipzig Project.


  • At the time of this story, Chop Chop was still in China.


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