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The Bleed is an interdimensional sub-reality that forms the barriers to parallel dimensions. It is also spatially connected with the Source Wall, the Multiversal Nexus and the Nanoverse.

During the first team-up between the Justice League of America and the Justice Society of America, Barry Allen and Jay Garrick found themselves prisoners inside the Bleed due to the efforts of the super-villain the Fiddler and his portable vibrator.

Following his misadventures in the Wildstorm Universe (known as Earth-50), Captain Atom (then later going by the identity as Monarch) was driven mad by the Monitor Solomon and driven to establish his war against the Monitors where he temporarily lived and established a fortress in the Bleed as it provide him total under-detection from the Monitors. He and Ion once briefly joined forces in the Bleed to repel the threat of alien Daemonites from Earth-50.[1] Monarch then recruited the former Monitor assassin Forerunner to used the Bleed as a beach head to lead his armies against the Monitors.

File:Final crisis7 pg34.jpg

Nix and Weeja Dell at the end of their lives as Monitors with the destruction of the Bleed.(Final Crisis 7 pg 34)

The Bleed was destroyed by former Monitor Nix Uotan as part of his plan to prevent the conquerance of the Multiverse by Darkseid in the Final Crisis.


The Bleed has been reformed after the events of Flashpoint and serves as a base of operations for Stormwatch of the Futures End universe, until they are pulled out of it by Brother Eye.



  • In the Silver Age, the Bleed was never identified by a particular name. It is only within recent years that it has been referred to as the Bleed.


  • "The Bleed" as the name of the space between comic book universes is a pun on "bleed", a printing term for the area outside of the margins of a printed work (like a comic book). This concept ties into a more general theme in many of Warren Ellis's comics (especially Planetary) that the structure of the metaverse is similar to a comic book, because for the characters in comic books, the metaverse really is a comic book.

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