Quote1 I am a great many things. I am a liar! I am a cheat! I am a weakling! I don't deserve a second chance! But on my worst ****ing day -- I am nothing like you!!! Quote2
-- Adam Heller

Appearing in "Beginning's End"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Adam Heller (Death)
  • Malcolm (Death)
  • Nicole "Nicky" (Death)
  • The Tribe (Death)

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Beginning's End"Edit

Adam and Nicky go to Adam's apartment where the neophyte liberally consumes several gallons of blood. Adam learns that he is actually a direct descendant of a race of mutated vampires that feed on other vampires. One of these creatures is responsible for the death of Joshua.

Adam and Nicky go to Golden Gate Park – ready to face down Joshua's killer. Several grotesque monsters lumber out of the woods and attack them. A vampire hunter named Malcolm arrives and assists Adam and Nicky in taking down the monstrous beasts. Adam communes with one and learns that they do not desire his death at all. In fact, they wish to mate with him in order to propagate their specific bloodline. Adam finishes the creature off and they pile the bodies onto a funeral pyre.

After the battle is finished, all three adventurers go their separate ways.


  • This is the final issue of the series.


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