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"Blood in the Streets"
Fear the Walking Dead episode
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 4
Directed by Michael Uppendahl
Written by Kate Erickson
Original air date May 1, 2016 (2016-05-01)
Running time 44 minutes
Guest actors
  • Dougray Scott as Thomas Abigail
  • Veronica Diaz Carranza as Vida (credited as Veronica Diaz)
  • Marlene Forte as Celia Flores (credited as Marlene Forté)
  • Mark Kelly as Connor
  • Jesse McCartney as Reed
  • Arturo Del Puerto as Luis Flores
  • Daniel Zovatto as Jack Kipling
Episode chronology
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"Blood in the Streets" is the fourth episode of the second season, and the 10th episode overall of the post-apocalyptic horror television series Fear the Walking Dead, which aired on AMC on May 1, 2016.


Nick goes ashore to find Strand's contact in Mexico. The group allows a family in distress to board, and they turn out to be allied with Jack, the boy Alicia had communicated with on the radio. The newcomers end up taking over the ship, and Strand tries to leave by raft, but the raft is shot while he's escaping and it begins to slowly sink. When the leader of the group arrives, he takes Alicia and Travis with him and leaves other members of his pirate group behind, to bring the yacht to shore. Through flashbacks, we learn more about Strand and his reason for going to Baja. When Nick and Luis, Strand's contact, head back to the Abigail, they are able to help the group get free, and they take one hostage, who is gravely injured. Madison is able to rescue Strand from the water and takes him back to the Abigail.


The character development of Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) was praised by critics.

"Ouroboros" received critical acclaim from critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, it garnered a 91% rating with an average score of 7.22/10 based on 11 reviews. The site consensus reads, ""Blood in the Streets" finally sheds some light on the enigmatic Victor Strand as it ups the interpersonal stakes and high seas thrills."[1]

Matt Fowler of IGN gave "Blood in the Streets" an 8.3/10.0 rating stating; ""Blood in the Streets" brought our main characters together in a time of cramped, confined crisis. And with no room for squabbling between them, they came out in full force, both physically and psychologically to win the day (though Alicia being taken is still an issue). And in the show's first ever experiment with flashbacks, Strand was given a great background arc.".[2]


"Blood in the Streets" was seen by 4.80 million viewers in the United States on its original air date, slightly above the previous episodes rating of 4.73 million.[3][4]