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The full synopsis of this event is unknown.


Name First Appearance Description
Anima (Courtney Mason)New Titans Annual #9"Animus-summoning grunge rocker"
Argus (Nick Kelly)Flash Annual #6"Shadow-melding undercover agent"
Ballistic (Kelvin Mao)Batman Annual #17"Korean-American hero and an armed and dangerous vigilante"
Cardinal SinBatman: Legends of the Dark Knight Annual #3"Disillusioned priest"
ChimeraTeam Titans Annual #1"Illusion-creating heroine of India"
Edge (Tom O'Brien)Superman: Man of Steel Annual #2"Blade-hurling community hero"
Geist (Dwayne Geyer)Detective Comics Annual #6"Ghostly night-hero, ironically only becomes visible in the dark."
Gunfire (Andrew Van Horn)Deathstroke the Terminator Annual #2"Able to explosively convert matter to energy."
Hitman (Tommy Managhan)Demon Annual #2"A hitman who gained the powers of telepathy and X-ray vision"
HookGreen Arrow Annual #6"Hook-handed former soldier"
JammLegion of Super-Heroes Annual #4"Prodigious surfer-dude"
Joe PublicBatman: Shadow of the Bat Annual #1"Strength-siphoning patriot"
KragJustice League America Annual #7"Stone bodied hero, super strength"
LaylaLobo Annual #1"Tough-as-nails space explorer"
Lionheart (Richard Plante)Justice League International Annual #4"Armored high-tech knight, hero of Great Britain"
Loose Cannon (Edward Walker)Action Comics Annual #5"Super-strong ex-cop, color changes as he gets angrier"
LoriaShowcase '94 #12"Transformd into living metal, agent of the Quorum"
Mongrel (Joshua Xan)Hawkman Annual #1"Darkforce-blasting African American-Vietnamese hero"
Myriad (Sasha Green)Superman Annual #5"Personality-absorbing assassin"
Nightblade (Nik Mayak)Green Lantern Annual #2"Regenerating martial artist"
PaxL.E.G.I.O.N. Annual #4"Last of his race, space-shaman"
PrismEclipso Annual #1"Light-manipulating scientist"
Razorsharp (Rae Sharpe)Robin Annual #2"Sword-armed hacker"
ShadowstrykeJustice League America Annual #7"Tragic hero, dark force energy"
slingshotJustice League America Annual #7"Power to give anything she touches an acceleration factor"
SparxAdventures of Superman Annual #5"Lightning-wielding heroine from Canada"
TerrorsmithJustice League America Annual #7"Monster-making villain(?)"


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