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  • Amparo house
  • Unnamed planet



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Translating the Scarab

From issue #5 on, the Scarab's language can be translated using a substitution cipher. Each symbol in the Scarab's language represents a different letter in the English alphabet. The Scarab uses no capital letters or punctuation marks, so these have been put in where applicable. The Scarab does, however, use abbreviations.

There are 22 pages of comic, ignoring the adverts and DC Nation. Panels are counted from the top down, left to right.

  • Page 9, panel 1 - "Decifer text", abbreviation of "Decipher text."
  • Page 9, panel 2 - "Alert! Warning!"
  • Page 12, panel 5, first part - "No hide."
  • Page 12, panel 5, second part - The word "Fun" in mirror-writing (ie, read from right to left, with each letter flipped horizontally).
  • Page 15. panel 1 - "Alert! Warning!"
  • Page 15, panel 3 - "Detect."
  • Page 15, panel 4 - "Detect enemy."
  • Page 16. panel 1 - "Find Brenda."
  • Page 16, panel 5 - "Not phasers."


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