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Bob Powell

Real Name
Stanislav Robert Pawlowski
Bob Powell; Stanley Robert Pawlowski; S. Robert Powell; Bob Stanley; Terence McAully; Stanley Charlot; Bud Ernest; Powell Roberts; Rex Smith; W. Morgan Thomas; Buck Stanley; S. T. Anley; Major Ralston


Date of Birth
October 16, 1916

Date of Death
, 1967

Place of Birth
Buffalo, New York, United States of America

Place of Death
Huntington, New York, USA

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Personal History

Personal History of Bob Powell is unknown.

Professional History

Professional History of Bob Powell is unknown.


  • Legally changed his name from Stanislav Robert Pawlowski to S. Robert Powell in 1943.
  • Sources differ on Powell's date of death, reporting it as either October 1, 1967, or December 1967.


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