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Quote1 Let her go... and I'll tell you everything you want to know. I'll take you to Vanishing Point. Quote2
-- Booster Gold

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Synopsis for "Pressure Point"Edit

Booster Gold finds himself in late 19th Century Gotham City, with no knowledge of why. At his last recollection, he was in the Justice League's headquarters, and now he is under attack by unsavoury thieves in an alley. Worriedly, Booster dodges their attacks and tries to figure out how to get back, recalling vaguely that he was on a mission. Unfortunately, he can't get through to Skeets. As his memory of the mission comes back to him, Booster attempts to re-enter the Timestream, as the Batman takes over the fight for him.

In another time and place, a different Booster Gold is trapped and tortured by Brainiac's droids, who seek information from him. Staunchly, he refuses to give it up.

Booster is ejected from the Timestream into the past of another reality, where the version of him from that reality discovers Superman and Wonder Woman's relationship and comes into conflict with OMAC. He cannot materialize, though, and suspects that some kind of disruptive wave is pushing him from one era to the next. In the hopes of stabilizing things, he stops time, and materializes in front of his other self.

Before he can fully explain his presence, he is dragged into the future to the 30th Century, where Validus and Tharok are attacking the Legion of Super-Heroes. He attempts to provide help, but he is dragged away into the Timestream again. Fortunately, the Legion appears to be regrouping.

Booster appears in another time and place, wondering if perhaps the disruption yanking him around is intentional. Quickly, he spots a pair of super-heroes fighting, and recognizes them as inhabitants of Earth-Four - which means he's travelling through the Multiverse as well as time. Also curious is the fact that everyone he encounters seems to be concerned about their powers having only recently returned. When he tries to approach Captain Atom, the hero mistakes him for an ally of Spectro, and attacks him. Booster soon recovers, but only in time to be yanked back into the Timestream again.

Seeing the world of man in ruins, and inhabited by Animal-Men, he realizes that he is in the distant future. Like in most places, Booster disappears before he can do anything to help himself.

Finally, Booster ends up in his home time in the 25th Century, where his sister Michelle is happy to see him. She reveals that Metropolis has been cut off from the rest of the world, by some unseen force. Everyone - including Superman has only just got their powers back without explanation of why or how they disappeared, though Michelle suspects it was intentional.

As before, though, both Michael and Michelle are dropped back into the Timestream to the location of Booster's imprisoned other self. Finally, Booster begins to understand what has been happening. He is not merely the future of this other Booster - he is also a different version of Booster, from another universe. They are interrupted by Brainiac, who demands the information he has been seeking. Booster tries to free his other self from his cell, but it sends a shock through the prisoner's body. Annoyed, Booster defends his sister and his other self against Brainiac's drones. Brainiac explains that what it wants is to know how to get to Vanishing Point, and it takes Michelle as hostage, for more leverage. Even though she's not really his sister, the other Booster breaks at the sight of Michelle's torture, and swears to take Brainiac to Vanishing Point.



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