Quote1 Sorry, ladies, your're nice enough-- Just a bit too clingy. Quote2
-- Booster Gold

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Synopsis for "Stars In Your Eyes (Part II)"Edit

Booster Gold is trapped in the near future, and is barraged by an army of Starro spores. Skeets flies in and helps him out, but more surprisingly is the arrival of a woman named Jia; a woman dressed in the trappings of Chronos the time-thief. Jia offers to help Booster, but with the condition that she will be allowed to leave once the battle is over, and that he will owe her a favor at some future date. Desperate for aid, Booster agrees.

They finally find Rip Hunter and take him back to the Time Sphere. They bring him backwards in time to the point when the Starros first invaded Earth. When they arrive, they find Chronos waiting for them. Rip, now free of the Starro, realizes that Chronos' presence here is what causes the future apocalypse to happen.


  • This issue shipped on November 12th, 2008.


  • Booster Gold's name is erroneously identified as Jon Michael Carter in this issue.

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