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Quote1.png I will not be manipulated. I will not be treated like a precious trinket that's easy to break. And I won't have my life dictated by control freaks who won't let me make my own decisions. Quote2.png
-- Goldstar

Appearing in "Reality Lost (Epilogue)"Edit

Featured Characters:

Timeline: Issue 4

Supporting Characters:

Timeline: Issue 4


Other Characters:

Timeline: 2500 BCE

  • Followers of the Sun

Timeline: Post-Crisis

Timeline: Issue 4


Timeline: 2500 BCE

Timeline: Pre-Crisis



Timeline: Post-Crisis

  • Slave Ship Q'str

Synopsis for "Reality Lost (Epilogue)"Edit

To ensure the future of Starfire, Rip Hunter travelled to the past and helped her escape from her Gordanian captures. But as he triggers the mechanism that would blink him back to the present he discovers the present had been altered stranding him in this timeline. While the Gordanians are about to burst through the door Rip can only wonder "Damn it, Booster! What have you screwed up now?"

Back in Egypt, at 2500 BCE to be precise, Booster Gold wonders the same thing as he looks at his recent past self that helped him stop Rex Hunter from erasing the Blue Beetle Legacy from the timeline. First they clean up one problem and while being pursued by Egyptians all 3 of them travel back to the time stream. And by watching his past version he notices how much he had matured in a short while.

Talking about mature behavior, Goldstar lashes out every time Skeets tries to consult her, his reassuring words that she wasn't meant to be dead falls to deaf ears. Goldstar takes it as a lecture, snaps and gives the droid an intense magnetic shock (a murder attempted?) deactivating Skeets in the process. In front of the portal she swears she will no longer be manipulated and thinks about a time era she wants to visit, where she can live a life she can control.

But when both Boosters arrive at Vanishing Point, Goldstar is long gone. After reactivating the present Skeets he is able to inform the both of them of Goldstar's departure. But before they can start searching for her there is a more pressing matter to attend to.

Booster Gold drops his past self off and zaps him with a chronal wave that scrambles his recent memory. So issue Booster Gold Vol 2 5 is still canon people

Rip Hunter has been pulled back to the present. Rip is surprised that Michael was able to fix things by himself. But then he wonders where Michelle is. Booster replies that he wished he knew.


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