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  • Gordon residence
  • Gotham City Carnival



Synopsis for "52 Pick-Up (Part V) - No Joke"Edit

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • This issue shipped on December 12th, 2007.
  • Includes DC Nation editorial #91 by Dan DiDio.
  • Booster Gold travels backwards in time to change events that originally took place in Batman: The Killing Joke.


  • The following notations are seen scribbled on Rip Hunter's chalkboard:
  • The Ghost Detectives have all the answers! (a reference to Ralph and Sue Dibny)
  • No Ray Palmer = Disaster
  • ?Who controls the Wildebeest Society?
  • The Sun Devils will save us all!
  • Lightning Saga(s) strike twice???
  • Who will escape the Book of Destiny? (referencing events taking place in Brave and the Bold)
  • 3000 + 8
  • Steve is watching
  • Death of the Supermen
  • No trophy = Stephanie?
  • Who does Supernova work for?
  • Gog is dead! The Age of Gog is upon us!
  • The Vigilante knows the traitor - the League does not!

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