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Braddock Manor

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Braddock Manor

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Braddock Manor


Braddock Manor was the home of Dr. James Braddock (in reality an agent of the mage Merlyn and former resident of Otherworld), his wife Elizabeth and their children: Jamie Braddock and the twins Brian and Betsy.

Following Dr. Braddock's death along with his wife in what appeared to be a lab accident, the house passed into the hands of his children, including Brian who shortly afterward became the superhero Captain Britain. Returning home to visit his siblings, Brian discovered that his parents deaths had actually been caused by the Mastermind computer, a sophisticated computer built by James Braddock in his basement lab, which interacted with the outside world via a holographic body resembling a large, powerful humanoid. Captain Britain battled the insane machine, and believed it was destroyed when Braddock Manor was seemingly flattened by a missile strike.

Years later, however, Captain Britain returned to discover that the manor was intact; the missiles had struck only a holographic image of the house some way off, projected by the Mastermind computer, while the real house lay hidden behind the illusion. The computer, a living silicon entity created from technology originating in Otherworld, had grown and spread throughout the caverns under the manor, becoming a vast web of circuitry coating the cavern walls. Braddock battled Mastermind again, subdued the computer, and released old retainer Emma Collins, whom the computer had mentally enslaved to serve it.

Braddock reopened the manor and used it as his headquarters for some time, with a reprogrammed Mastermind serving as his holographic butler, Jeeves. Ultimately though, he left the house in the hands of the R.C.X, a government agency which used it as a safe house for mutated children called Warpies, created by the reality warp caused by the mutant Mad Jim Jaspers. The computer was subsequently shut down and the Manor left empty after the RCX left, but the Mastermind computer eventually resurfaced on Otherworld, insane once more.

It has since been reopened as Braddock Academy (Earth 616).




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When the Manor was first seen, the Braddocks had a servant called Mick, but it is unclear whether he lived at the Manor. He has never been referred to again.


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