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-- The Flash

Appearing in "Alias Negative Man"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Charles (Single appearance)[1]



  • Lead-Lined Coffin
  • Bio-Freeze Containment Pod
  • Giant Net
  • Garguax' missiles


  • Garguax's Flying Saucer
  • The Chief's Private Jet

Synopsis for "Alias Negative Man"Edit

The Brotherhood of Evil captures Negative Man in a lead coffin. The other members of the Doom Patrol act quickly to place Larry's body in suspended animation, so that he doesn't die from prolonged separation from his other self. The Brotherhood then launches a campaign to cause civil unrest around the world using subliminal messages. The Doom Patrol contacts the Flash to substitute for their captured member. Flash disguises himself as Negative Man to make the Brotherhood think they failed to capture the real Doom Patrol member. Next the Doom Patrol destroy the satellite responsible for the subliminal messages, foiling the Brain's plot.

The Brotherhood decides to eliminate Negative Man permanently, so they launch his body into space. The Flash joins the Doom Patrol to catch the rocket before it can blast off. They save Negative Man, but the Chief is taken as a hostage by Garguax. Negative Man makes a timely rescue, reuniting the Doom Patrol at last.


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  • This is the final fight between General Immortus & the original Doom Patrol. He will not be seen again until Showcase #94 (Aug. 1977) when the second Doom Patrol is born.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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