Quote1.png That's the most reckless card playing I've ever seen. I wish Barry had lived to see you with money. Quote2.png
-- Bruce Wayne

Appearing in "The Lords of Luck (Part I) - Roulette"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Roulette
  • Atum (an alien from Ventura) (First appearance)
  • Neferto (an alien from Ventura) (First appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Dra'ack/Drake (a thief) (deceased)
  • Jasmine (a casino greeter) (First appearance)
  • Joachim (an employee of the Kismet) (First appearance)




Synopsis for "The Lords of Luck (Part I) - Roulette"Edit

Green Lantern is flying through outer space when he finds a dead man with a bullet hole in his chest floating before him. Recognizing that such a mystery requires a great detective, he transmits a signal to Batman at the Batcave. Oddly enough, there is a similar man lying dead on the floor of the Batcave. GL flies to Gotham and the two heroes begin investigating the mystery. While they analyze the evidence, a large yellow energy monster breaks into the cave and attacks them. They manage to dispel the creature using old trophies that Batman acquired from previous cases.

Returning their attention towards the mysterious duplicate dead men, they decide to continue their investigation at the Kismet Casino in Las Vegas. When they arrive, they find that the Kismet has come under new ownership – Roulette.

Suddenly, a group of aliens from the planet Ventura arrives and attacks the casino. They are looking to retrieve an artifact in Roulette's possession, an item that enables her to function as the ultimate gambler – the Book of Destiny. Batman manages to save Roulette's life, but it is clear that her brief possession of the book has driven her nearly mad.


  • Batman makes reference to Barry Allen and Sinestro in this issue. Barry was better known as the Silver Age Flash and was a close friend to Bruce and Hal. Sinestro is one Green Lantern's most notorious foes.


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