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Quote1.png If we want to save this world...if we want to know the secrets of the Ultras...we go to the source. To the moon. Quote2.png
-- Mantra

Appearing in "Break-Thru part 1"

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  • Sword of Fangs


Synopsis for "Break-Thru part 1"

Around the country, people climb atop high points to try to reach the Moon, some killing themselves in the process. In the sky over Los Angeles, Amber Hunt generates intense pulses of red light. An Aladdin doctor interrogates the hospitalized Rachel Deming as it was she who recruited Amber and her team—the Exiles—that was destroyed by the activation of Amber’s powers. Amber’s emissions shift to orange, and the doctor suggests Aladdin contact Spectral of the Strangers due to his light-based powers. Lukasz overhears in his guise as Aladdin employee Eden Blake even as the agency activates its own Ultra agent, Wrath. At the Pentagon, U.S. Army Col. Samuels weighs whether to deploy Prime and decides to wait. Rex Mundi monitors events from his underground lair and summons his henchmen, Omega Team and Quattro. Elsewhere, his nemesis the Alternate prepares to mobilize Choice, Hardcase, and the Solution. The Strangers gather in Deming’s hospital room, and Spectral notes that Amber’s emissions are shifting along the light spectrum. Aladdin monitors other Ultras around the world, including Solitaire fighting the Cult of the Moon-Man and Firearm battling the Sportsmen. In San Francisco, Night Man chases a child-killer while the Freex feel the psychic pull toward the Moon. In New York, Bloodstorm notices the colors in the sky after his battle with Sludge. Having had a precognitive vision of burning and death, Warstrike rides his motorcycle to Los Angeles to stop Amber. Back at the hospital, Deming and Spectral realize Amber’s emissions will eventually shift to ultraviolet, threatening all life on Earth. Told to go home by Aladdin, Lukasz changes into Mantra to engage Amber. Seeing the Strangers fly toward Amber, UltraTech deploys Prototype. Mantra approaches Amber, but she blasts him back, and Prototype catches him as the Strangers arrive. Mantra psychically links with Amber and learns she is being controlled by an ancient alien being. Omega Team and Quattro appear and attack Amber, but Mantra, Prototype, and the Strangers fight back. Below, Lady Killer spots Warstrike on a nearby roof, and Zip-Zap runs to stop him from sniping Amber. Soon, Choice, Hardcase, and the Solution arrive to beat back the villains. Seeing the battle on TV, Col. Samuels orders Prime to go to the source of the energy bolts that have been creating Ultras—the Moon. Rex Mundi orders Omega Team and Quattro to retreat to their spacecraft. As the Alternate signals Choice, Warstrike has a premonition that something important is about to happen on the Moon. Hearing this, Mantra tells the other heroes that is where they must go.


  • The activation of Amber Hunt's powers triggered a massive explosion and tsunami that killed several of the Exiles as seen in Exiles #4.

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