Real Name
Brittany (Last Name Unknown)
Current Alias
Jessica (wife), Brittany, Jr. (son), Britney (sister), Cecil Stedman (supervisor), Donald Ferguson (Cecil's assistant, Brit's contact), Steven Erickson (former boss), Slitter (new superior)

First appearance


Brit had tests done on him by the government to make him invulnerable.He is a soldier as well as a successful topless bar owner.

Brit starred in three one-shots: "Brit" (July 2003), "Brit: Cold Death" (December 2003), "Brit: Red, White, Black and Blue" (August 2004). Robert Kirkman wrote the three one-shots with Tony Moore illustrating the first and second issue and with Cliff Rathburn on the third. The one-shots have been collected in a trade paperback and was released in March 2007.

In August 2007, Brit was launched as an ongoing full-color series written by Bruce Brown and features Rathburn's debut as an ongoing series artist. The series was overseen and edited by Kirkman. As of the second issue, Andy Kuhn came aboard as the series' breakdown artist. In the seventh issue, Rathburn was replaced by Nate Bellegarde as the new artist. The series expanded Brit's universe by introducing his brother and Sister and also revealed the origin of his powers.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Brit main superhuman ability is that invulnerability. His body is totally impervious to any and every kind of physical injuries and the limits of his invulnerability are unknown. Unlike many superheroes depicted with invulnerability, Brit does not show any degree of superhuman strength; he is only as strong as a regular human male relative to his physique. Brit's powers are the result of a serum developed by his father some time before World War one and in addition to invulnerability, the serum also retarded the age process.


Vast experience in and mastery of multiple forms of combat.

Strength level

Normal human strength



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