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Borough of Homes and Churches; City of Churches; City of Homes; City of Kings; City of Trees; Home to Everyone from Everywhere; Gravesend; Breukelen

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251.0 km² (96.9 mi²)
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2.6 million
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Brooklyn (named after the Dutch town Breukelen) is one of the five boroughs of New York City. An independent city until its consolidation into New York in 1898, Brooklyn is New York City's most populous borough, with more than 2.5 million residents.

During World War II, the Brooklyn Navy Yard was one of the most important locales for the manufacturing of naval ships and weaponry. In 1942, the Ultra-Humanite manipulated time-lost members of the futuristic Infinity, Inc. team into attacking the Navy Yard, under the belief that they were actually saving lives. During this incident, Nuklon and the Silver Scarab came into conflict with the Guardian and later with All-Star Squadron members Commander Steel and Liberty Belle.[1]

The Brooklyn Navy Yard became the scene of another fantastic battle decades later when the super-villain Typhoon arrived in New York. Generating a fantastic wind storm, he smashed through the Brooklyn shipyards, until he found a man named Anton Hammer. Anton Hammer was the captain of the Neptune Explorer – one of the ships present during the accident that first transformed David Drake into Typhoon. Typhoon killed Hammer and dragged his body within the wake of his storm trail.[2]

In 1988, Power Girl involved herself in a fight with a villain known as the Force. During the battle, a reporter suffered severe impact damage when the Force knocked Power Girl into him.[3]

Brooklyn was also the home of firefighter Diego Zhao and his girlfriend Maggie Flynn. In 2006, a raging fire swept through Flynn's apartment complex resulting in the death of her daughter Samantha. Diego (having spent the evening drinking), was unable to save Sam's life. The incident traumatized him and he decided to devote his life to finding "those who are lost" and assumed the guise of Rush.[4]

In 2009, Karen Starr moved into an apartment, in Park Slope, along with her cat.[5]

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